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Food Drives and Fishnets DO Go Together... [Dec. 17th, 2010|07:37 am]
The Home of Happiness


Hey everyone!

Warm your icy, hard little heart this season with a bit of charity.

The Home of Happiness is sponsoring a Holiday Food Drive!
How do you participate?
Great question!

Just bring some canned/non-perishable food to the Holiday Show this weekend... the more, the better!!!

What's in it for you?
Why, the warm satisfying feeling of a good deed.
The person who donates the most food this Saturday wins Five (5) free tickets to HoH's January 8th performance of RHPS.
So, get your holiday spirit on and bring some canned food, dammit!

If you're wondering what are the best items to bring, these are the most needed foods:

-Cereal (hot OR cold)
-Canned Tuna OR canned chicken
-Canned Soups/Stews with beans, chicken, ham, or beef
-Evaporated Milk (or other shelf-stable, non-perishable milk)
-100% Juice in plastic bottle or can
-Peanut Butter
-Canned Vegetables
-Canned Fruit

Hope to see you there!